Artistic approach

Multidisciplinary artist, Lysanne Pepin explores movements, studies the human body and all its expressions. Resolutely modern and à l'avant-garde, she uses technology diligently in her artwork and is not shy to also use the creative potential of photography, videos and multimedia tools.

Pepin succeeds in freezing time on canvas. Privileging spontaneity in her methods, she creates without restrictions or barriers, always applying herself to make the best of her subjects shine through. She draws her inspiration, and expresses it, in both a sensual and primal manner. Simple and clean traits are thus very evocative of her work.

The body thematic is omnipresent in her work. She combines all tenses and interprets all color pallets. Armed with paintbrushes, she breathes life and sentiment into the canvas she paints, as a hymn to beauty.

The experience she has acquired by participating in numerous exhibitions in Canada and the United States have developed her constant desire to surpass herself. Pepin's grand passion for creating has undoubtedly forged the character of the artist she is today.