Music by Marie-Eve Gamache Perron:


Daring and out-of-the-ordinary, artist painter Lysanne Pepin dives into fresh water to rediscover the beauty of the human body - free of weight, gravity and restrictions. In this new collection, by means of underwater filming, she captures the female figure in a state of grace, beauty, sensuality and innocence. She presents her new collection, entitled Weightlessness, to the public in the Spring of 2009.

With the artwork of the Weightlessness series, Pepin explores the organic movement and spontaneous expression of her subjects, who are themselves artists and comedians of great talent. They have accepted this invitation to share in the unique experience of being filmed in a state of total weightlessness, freedom of movement and liberty. Each one of her muses is more beautiful and inspired than the other, and they move with ease and grace in the diffuse light of the water. They evolve to the rhythms of the underwater world, dancing, swirling gently, their diaphanous dresses moving naturally around them, their hair following as if haloed diadems.